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Doran stated, “Marvel has raised the bar sooo high that as opposed to just allowing another film to finish under the bar, we’re all overly and perhaps even eager to overreact to the first thing that doesn’t clear it”. This section includes characters who will appear or have appeared in at least three MCU films/series and received main billing credit in at least two franchises. The pair revitalized the flagging series with characters such as Wolverine and complex story arcs that soon made the X-Men franchise one of Marvel’s best sellers. Marvel Comics, American media and entertainment company that was widely regarded as one of the “big two” publishers in the comic industry. Thanks to a script that emphasizes its heroes’ humanity and a wealth of superpowered set pieces, The Avengers lives up to its hype and raises the bar for Marvel at the movies. For a more comprehensive list, see List of Marvel Cinematic Universe television series § Marvel Studios, and List of television series based on Marvel Comics publications.
Blade and X-Men demonstrated that widely popular films could be made out of comic book characters not familiar to the general public. Following Marvel Entertainment Group’s ToyBiz deal in 1993, Avi Arad of ToyBiz was named president and CEO of Marvel Films division and of New World Family Filmworks, Inc., a New World Entertainment subsidiary. New World was MEG’s former parent corporation and later a fellow subsidiary of the Andrews Group. Marvel Productions became New World Animation by 1993 as Marvel would start up Marvel Films including Marvel Films Animation. Marvel Films Animation shared Tom Tataranowicz with New World Animation as head of development and production.
Reimagining noteworthy events in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and creating a multiverse of infinite possibilities…. A lighter, brighter superhero movie powered by the effortless charisma of Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly, Ant-Man and The Wasp offers a much-needed MCU palate cleanser. In Marvel Studios’ action-packed spy thriller “Black Widow,” Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow confronts the darker parts of her ledger…
However, fans and critics note that the two companies have historically imitated characters and qualities of each other’s comics. The exact situation is that Universal currently retains the right of first refusal to distribute any Hulk films in the future. อนิเมะซับไทย If for some reason Universal chose to forgo distribution, then Disney would immediately pick up the distribution rights for the Hulk movie. In September 2019, it was announced that Disney and Sony had reached a new agreement allowing for Spider-Man to appear in a third standalone film and a future Marvel Studios film. Disney was reported to be co-financing 25% of the film in exchange for 25% of the film’s profits in the new agreement, while retaining the merchandising rights to the character. In November 2021, Pascal announced plans for a fourth Spider-Man film set in the MCU, in addition to long-term plans for a new trilogy of films with Marvel Studios, with said film entering active development the following month.
In June 2010, Marvel Entertainment set up a television division within Marvel Studios, headed up by Jeph Loeb as Executive Vice President, under which Marvel Animation would be operated. On October 18, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures acquired the distribution rights for The Avengers and Iron Man 3 from Paramount Pictures with Paramount’s logo and credit remaining on those films. In June 2021, The Simpsons short film The Good, the Bart, and the Loki was announced, which released alongside “Journey into Mystery”, the fifth episode of Loki on Disney+. The short sees Loki teaming up with Bart Simpson in a crossover that pays homage to the heroes and villains of the MCU. In October 2013, the Iron Man Experience attraction was announced for Hong Kong Disneyland.
In October 2002, Marvel Studios announced deals for Sub-Mariner and Prime with Universal Studios. Marvel Studios, LLC is an American film and television production company that is a subsidiary of Walt Disney Studios, a division of Disney Entertainment, which is owned by the Walt Disney Company. Marvel Studios produces the Marvel Cinematic Universe films and series, based on characters that appear in Marvel Comics publications. A Mini Marvel was created by Wieden+Kennedy for Coca-Cola through a partnership with Marvel, and was directed by the Russo brothers. Luma Pictures provided visual effects for the spot, having worked previously with the two characters in MCU films.
The exhibit also opened in South Korea at the War Memorial of Korea in April 2015, in Paris, France, at Esplanade de La Défense a year later, and in Las Vegas at the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino in June 2016. The Las Vegas version of the exhibit featured updated character details and corresponding science to incorporate the Marvel films that have released since the original exhibit in New York. Additionally, the Las Vegas version features Cobie Smulders reprising her role as Maria Hill to “debrief” visitors, replacing Welliver. In January 2015, Michael Doran of Newsarama and Graeme McMillian of The Hollywood Reporter had a “point-counterpoint” debate in response to the first Ant-Man trailer.
Production of the series moved to 20th Television Animation following its first season. For some animation created after 2008 and the Marvel Animated Features, see Marvel Animation. For a more comprehensive list, see List of Marvel Cinematic Universe films and List of films based on Marvel Comics publications. Television specials from Marvel Studios, which are marketed as “Marvel Studios Special Presentation”, feature a special multicolored intro with bongo drum music, reminiscent of the CBS Special Presentation theme featured before animated holiday specials of the 1980s and 1990s. The intro was also designed by Perception, with Giacchino once again creating the music. Jamie Lovett at called the Marvel Studios Special Presentation intro “more colorful” and its fanfare “more playful” than the normal Marvel Studios intro.

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